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Turning The Corner” now available on DVD!

"Turning The Corner" is a feature-length comedy about a quadriplegic trying to face adulthood. This was an independent film produced in Ohio.
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The two disc dvd features:
• “Turning The Corner” – 90 minute comedy
• “Wheel To Reel” – 34 minute documentary
• Deleted scenes
• Slide show
• Director’s commentary

These two discs give the film and the story behind the film. “Wheel To Reel” chronicles the making of “Turning The Corner,” from the first investor to the final edit. The issues of bringing an independent film to production are displayed through the individuals involved.
Dan McCormack’s baptism by fire was captured as it happened—sometimes funny, sometimes surprising but always honest. His disability proved to be less a factor than his inexperience. Through it all, the journey is memorable.

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Contact Director: Daniel M. McCormack.