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Contributors, Associates and Affiliates

"Turning The Corner" built many professional relationships and could not have been completed without them. Among those to be recognized:


Wright State University
Special thanks to
Cindy Young
Karen Strider-Iiames
Mark Lyons
Robert Hickey
Dan Bertsos

Phillips Companies

Coaster's Pub & Grill

Gin Mill

Don's Super Valu

Grub Steak II

Greene County Sheriff's Office

City of Xenia


Invacare Corporation
Special thanks to Hymie Pogir

Special thanks to Jan Crittenden


Dayton Filmmakers Association

Southern Ohio Filmmakers Association (SOFA)

Screen Actors Guild

The Neon

Contact Information

Turning The Corner Productions, LLC
60 Haines Road
Xenia, OH 45385
Phone: (800) 213-1415
Fax: (937) 376-9600
E-mail: [email protected]